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Fishing and Angling UK directory

   Fishing and angling directory

Welcome to our Fishing and Angling directory - comprehensive, regional and alphabetical listings.  Search over 2000 companies, individuals, fisheries, tackle shops, equipment suppliers, fishing holiday organisers and much more in the UK, advertising a multitude of products and services.  The online Fishing and Angling Directory and our sister site the Boats and Watersports Directory will put you in touch angling services nationwide, along with boating suppliers, chandleries and much more. 

Our new Fishing and Angling magazine is out soon and will be available alongside the Boats and Watersports in numerous locations both retail and FOC throughout the UK.  The book will be filled with tips, advice, ideas and is an excellent source for every fishing and angling need from sites to equipment, bait and more.

Please see the links below for listings to help you find all the services you need:

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angling centres (20)   bass fishing (5)
bed and breakfast (1)   charter angling / fishing (44)
coarse fishing (12)   fisheries / tackle & bait (106)
fishing / fisheries / tackle & bait (66)   fishing accessories (19)
fishing boats (8)   fishing competitions (2)
fishing consultant (7)   fishing holidays (15)
mark / reef fishing (2)   pike fishing (1)
shark fishing (2)   tackle & bait (5)


Are you involved in the Fishing Industry? You can also advertise your products, services, company, club or anything associated with angling and fishing in the directory and online.  Become part of this fast-growing, UK, online community and reach your target audience quickly and economically.  And if you do advertise with us online, you then have the option to purchase an access key that enables you to update your online information as and when you need to! No waiting for the webmaster's content approval - simply access your listing and add things or change things whenever you want!

The Fishing and Angling Directory is updated regularly alongside its sister site the Boats and Watersports Website.  We cover shows and events around the country as part of our committed, ongoing promotion.

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You can become part of a growing number of people searching and linking their products and services through this exciting online Fishing Directory website.  Updated regularly, the Fishing and Angling website is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.  Search by region, search by county, search by classification or simply search by typing in your requirement using the free text facility!

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